Formed in Brooklyn in 2009, Eidetic Seeing draw influences from the past and present to sculpt a uniquely contemporary sound that's all their own. Led by the acid drenched guitar work of Sean Forlenza and the relentless rhythmic attack of drummer Paul Feitzinger (who also plays synthesizer) and bassist Danilo Randjic-Coleman, the trio have melted faces along the eastern seaboard with the likes of White Hills, Pontiak, La Otracina, Ancient Sky, It's Not Night : It's Space, Kohoutek, Gibby Haynes, and Human Adult Band.

Their self-titled debut EP was released in 2009 and in November 2011, they released their debut full length Drink The Sun on vinyl. Produced by Evan Sobel of La Otracina, the album exhibits an evolved sense of songwriting and musical interplay and demonstrates what is a main focus of the band; to redefine their sound, to always remain completely modern. The record was distributed online by the band and at local record stores like Other Music and Earwax, in Brooklyn. It could also be found through several online outlets, such as Krauted Mind Records in Germany. In early 2013, the band recorded their follow-up LP with Charles Burst, who has worked with the likes of Psychic Paramount and Psychic Ills, among others. The new album is set for a late summer release.

In early 2013, the band recorded their follow-up LP, Against Nature, with Charles Burst, who has worked with the likes of Psychic Paramount and Psychic Ills. Against Nature was self released in November 2013. The record is now widely available via CTD distribution through a deal with label Beyond Beyond is Beyond

Words for Against Nature

“White Flight” moves from a dreamy synth opening to some of the most dead-on traditional Sabbathian tonality I’ve heard. The kicker is Eidetic Seeing don’t use it to mimic Sabbath. Instead they just ride the riff momentarily on the way to a stomping verse of building intensity that, in turn, cuts back to smoky jazz, undercutting its class with abrasive feedback before moving on to more glorious space riffing.

- JJ, The Obelisk

down-tuned psychedelic space rock that bobs and weaves from slow burn head nod blues tinged doom, acid damaged stoner grooves to hyperdrive feedback drenched speedfreak powerhouses

- Permanent Records

"Where “Drink the Sun” felt solar powered, “Against Nature” is glacial – not always in pace, but in tone. This is a cold album. This is a hard album. This is a powerful album, a tuned-down Tesla coil of confusion and cohesion strapped to the backs of three guys from Brooklyn, crashing themselves directly into the frozen face of space-rock mountain, resourcefully building “Against Nature” up amongst the wreckage."

- Ryan Muldoon, Revolt of the Apes

It’s ruthless, disjointed, teetering on the edge of falling apart at about every twist and turn and rife with opposing forces in design and ambition. In short, its fucked up.

- Kevin McFadin, Mr. Atavist

[...] a smartly tuneful, unpredictable, defiantly original mix of noise-rock, third-generation post-Sabbath stoner metal and postrock [...] one of the most consistently original and interesting albums of 2013.

- delarue, New York Music Daily

The unpredictability of this great-sounding record is what makes it such a rich, intense and ultimately uplifting experience...Everything about Eidetic Seeing sets them apart, from the execution and composition to the artwork, and ‘Against Nature’ is an opus they should be very proud of; fiercely innovative but distinctive enough to clearly be the work of the same band that gave us ‘Drink The Sun’.

- Saúl Do Caixão, The Sleeping Shaman

from breezy psychedelia to huge and crushing doom riffs to full on noise rock fits of rage all in the blink of an eye [...] will be appreciated by doom fans and psychedelic rock fans alike

- Heavy Planet

Words for Drink the Sun

Drink The Sun still captures [Eidetic Seeings] abrasive and distorted heft, but with slightly more focus and drive that does nothing to temper their assault. If anything, it makes it clearer and all the more jagged.

- Kevin McFadin, Mr. Atavist

There is the music we heard before 'Drink the Sun,' and there is the music we hear after 'Drink the Sun.'...In the best possible way, Eidetic Seeing have assumed the nature of their own name, observing deeply and determinedly, and achieving a sound quite beyond that which can stem from the thoughtless glance or the cluttered gaze

- Ryan Muldoon, Revolt of the Apes

The record rolls smoothly through a rich tapestry of textures, tones and moods... The beautiful cardboard-speakers-on-ten fuzz lends the record an edge that can make this kind of music lack teeth...There are riffs galore on this record, although mercifully devoid of overstretched technique and baroque excess

- Saúl Do Caixao, The Sleeping Shaman

If you like a substantial cocktail mixed by fuzzy guitars, rumbling bass and restless drums you're on the right track hereby...The compositions are varied, Sean Forlenza's guitar appears more tricky in general, the synths are well-placed, the rhythm section acts lively throughout. Overall a recommended effort which deserves your attention.

- Uwe Zickel, Prog Archives

Words for Eidetic Seeing [EP]

Eidetic Seeing opens with a wonderful warm-up especially dedicated to Sean Forlenza's soaring and echoing space guitar. The extended track seems completely improvised, they constantly alternate between groovy rocking parts in the vein of Earthless or Hawkwind and cosmic excursions. Im sure this EP will not stay as a one-shot happenstance - 3.5 stars

- Uwe Zickel,

Eidetic Seeing is a record that draws you near with its opening spacey drone and sucks you into a vortex, blowing some serious mind chunks in the process...Eidetic Seeing dont fuck around; the record was recorded live in one take, so there is no studio trickery involved. Strap in, psych out, and leave no mind behind!

- Diana Kinscherf, FreeWilliamsburg

Oh Yeah! This one is a blast! These Brooklyn based guys know how to create amazing fuzzy psych-out jams. Their debut EP sucks you -- into a psych cyclone and it doesn't let you go until it's over. I'll use it as hors d'oeuvre until their full album comes out. Highly recommended.

- Stoned Sun Vibrations

Brooklyns Eidetic Seeing say Deep, Heavy Space. You bet. [...] Sure to conjure up your own mental images, in vivid color [...] A stoned and saturated calling card, Eidetic Seeing delivers on the promise of their name.

- Mr. Atavist

Eidetic Seeing. Their self titled album is 39 minutes of heavy psych rock, good enough to get you stoned on the music alone.

- The Soda Shop